I Neglected My Children So I Could Could Have A Better Life

I’m about to hit a “perfect parent”‘s nerve here, but to be quite frank, I’m way past the point of caring.

I do not give a fuck. No fucks given whatsoever.

If you’re a mum, you’re probably on a mum’s advice page on Facebook, right? I am, too.

I asked a fair question and I was practically mauled by a pack of dogs for it –

“My ex-partner has a full time job, he earns £30k plus, he has plenty of disposable income and pays nothing for our child. Am I wrong in stopping contact?”

Apparently, I was; I was a BITCH.

How could I (yes, me) possibly do that to my children?

So, do you know what I did after that?

I decided I couldn’t be bothered to be a mother anymore; yeah, I put myself before my kids.

What do they matter anyway? They’re just an inconvenience.

I woke up this morning as usual; now, I’d usually give my children some breakfast and some juice before school, but today I decided to give it a miss – they can go without, but instead, I’ll have mine.

Straight up to the bathroom to brush our teeth, but I didn’t get them any toothpaste, only myself, so it looks like they’ll have to skip that, too.

I made sure the kids were dressed in filthy clothes, ready for school – mine were clean, though because they’re only kids, why do they need clothes washed everyday?

Time to leave, but oh shit, it’s raining and I didn’t buy them new coats.

I made my eldest child walk to school with no coat because I got distracted buying my own the other day – he’ll just have to stay indoors and play on his own whilst his friends play outside at break time without him.

I left my youngest at home whilst I went to work, though – I’m not wasting £50 a day on childcare.

Who has that kind of money to spend?!

I then had a call from the school to ask why my eldest child wasn’t attending his educational school trip – truth is, I spent his trip money on cigarettes.

I got home from work and they were both sat in the cold, with no electricity – well, I spent the electricity and gas money on a night out even though I knew I couldn’t afford it.

It wasn’t long before they started to complain they were hungry again – well you know what? Tough. Food isn’t cheap and I deserve it more.

There’s no hot water, so they can skip having a bath and go straight to bed at 5pm. I’ve been at work all week and just want them out of the way – I’ve had enough of them being around.

It’s Saturday tomorrow, the kids are off and I think we’ll just stay in because I’m skint.

Actually, I’ve got just enough cash spare to get my nails and hair done, I’ll fuck off out for the weekend instead and won’t bother making the effort.

Of course, I would never do this to my children and I can bet this made any mother’s blood boil whilst reading it, right?

Of course, I would never do this to my children. Who in their right fucking mind would do this to their child? 

A man would, that’s who (and apparently some women do aswell).

If a woman behaved this way, she would have her children taken away and placed in to care – no questions asked.

Because it is NEGLECT.

So, tell me this – why is it okay for a man not to provide for his children and still think he’s entitled to a relationship with his child when a mother would have that ripped away by children’s services in an instant?

There are exceptions, of course – there always are. But, if you work and have money to spend on yourself, you can spend it on your child.

ZERO excuses.

Stop defending a man for being a man because this behaviour is not okay, so stop telling women to suck it up so he can get away from his responsibilities.

By Nicole Williams

4 thoughts on “I Neglected My Children So I Could Could Have A Better Life

  1. Persis says:

    So brilliantly put!
    Men can choose to ditch the child and do what they like and then turn up when they feel like it play the hero and disappear again.

    This is bad enough even if pay maintenance. That does not make them a parent. But to refuse to contribute to your child’s upbringing and still think you can rock up play the hero and disappear again is ridiculous.

    The sad part is from a legal point of view it’s all about the father rights currently. Even if the father is abusive, he still has all the rights to access the child or even have 50/50 custody.
    No wonder the children in the U.K. Are suffering with all the mental health issues they do.

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  2. Luthien says:

    Wow… That blew me away… I’m in a similar situation but I do let my sons Dad see him… Purely for my sons benefit… But when you put it like that… Wow… That throws a totally different perspective on it… Well done and Thank you.


  3. Joanne says:

    But what do we do about it, the system is so fundamentally flawed, it’s well documented how much it costs to raise children, that cost remains the same regardless of one parents contribution, therefore the other has to pick up the slack. The self employment loop hole, or deadbeat, “not going to work if I have to pay him/ her” loop hole is outrageous and shows a system that enables non resident parents to avoide their responsibilities to their children and financially abuse their ex’s. The system is wrong! I have an idea….., The cost of raising a child should be split in half and if the non resident parent can’t afford their half the government should loan it to the non contributing parent (paid directly to the resident parent) and this should create a debt, similar to a student loan debt (after all we expect people to pay to improve themselves) maybe as a society need to look at how we organise this. It’s fundamentally wrong that as a society we ‘means test’ child maintenance – might as Lidl to means test me at the checkout next time I amin buying food for my children!


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