Thank You To The Man Who Nearly Destroyed Me

Dear ex,

It’s been a while now since I left you.

We didn’t end on good terms, but I think we can both agree that you were (and still are) an absolute cunt.

Remember those times I’d sob in bed and you’d tell me to shutup? I was scared to look in the mirror some days, for fear I would see the ugly monster you told me I was.

I used to ask myself what I’d done to deserve such disgusting treatment from the person I was loyal to; some days I didn’t even want to be here anymore.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I’d actually like to say thank you for that – although, you won’t be pleased, because you can’t be pleased for anybody but your fucking self.

Anyway… to the point.

Here goes.

Thank you for telling me I wasn’t attractive; because now I make damn fucking sure I look good.

Thank you for telling me I was lazy when I had post-natal depression; you inspired me to be motivated.

Thank you for calling me worthless; you taught me self-worth.

Thank you for letting me cry on my own when I needed you; you taught me to love harder.

Thank you for not helping me with the children when I was exhausted; you taught me to survive on little sleep.

Thank you for lying to me; you taught me the truth.

Thank you for sleeping for multiple women in our bed; you taught me self-respect (and that a boil wash is actually really necessary).

Thank you for isolating me from my family and friends; you taught me to cherish them and tell them all of my problems.

Thank you for being unreliable; you taught me to be there for people who need me, no matter what.

Thank you for not paying for your child; you taught me not to rely on a man, financially.

Thank you for telling me I couldn’t get a job; I now work in the world’s sexiest lingerie store with the best women I could have ever asked to work with.

Thank you for telling me you found somebody else; you saved me.

Thank you for putting me through the most miserable time of my life, because I’m more of a beautiful person now than I was before you nearly destroyed me.

Best wishes,

Your ex.

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