The not-so-perfect description of myself

I’m a 29 year old, single mother of two children; ages seven and four – a handsome boy and a beautiful girl.

By any means, I’m not a perfect mother, neither do I pretend to be, I’m just trying my hardest to get through motherhood without royally fucking up my children’s lives, I guess.

I mean, isn’t everyone?

Since a very young age, my life has been very complicated and as a result, after years of battling with life, I was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Which, you know, explained an awful fucking lot of why I am where I am now.


But, there was one thing that soothed me and that was writing.

As a child, as a teenager and even now, I’d write a lot; whether it be poetry or how I felt, diary entries and so on, I would never show anybody – everything I wrote was from the bottom of my heart; a place nobody knew existed.

It was personal and, I’ll admit, a lot of it was anger, resentment and hatred.

A lot of it still is.

I finally took the plunge in 2016 and I published my first post and boy, it ROCKETED.

Holy, fucking shit.

People were amazed, shocked, blown away and best of all, it reached people in such a dark place that it pulled them out and encouraged them to speak out, which in some cases, has saved lives.

You see, I feel everything so deeply or I feel nothing at all and that’s why my writing has been a success; why? Because my material is passionate, it’s raw and it’s very real.

Some of my pieces are dark and sinister and some are just painfully honest – I don’t plan on them being that way before I write them, I just write until I can’t write anymore but the formula works.

Yes, there’s lots of swearing, but nothing is sugarcoated either, so, whatever it is of mine that you’re reading, please know that I’ve written it with every ounce of truth, love, passion or pain.

This is my life, my experiences and with every inch of me, I hope I can help you realise that you’re not alone.